How To Make A Mini Diaper Cake


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How small is a mini diaper cake?

When would you need to know how to make a small diaper cake like this?

What are the steps you need to take to complete this project?

A mini diaper cake is much smaller than a regular diaper cake. Since it is only made up of a few diapers, and they are usually newborn-sized diapers, these cakes measure only a few inches in diameter.

Mini diaper cakes are great for baby showers. They can be used as decorations or as table centerpieces, and they make excellent gifts for the mom-to-be. Every new mom needs lots of diapers, so making sure the new mom in your life has an ample supply to get started can be a big help.

In this article, we’ll show you the basic materials and equipment you’ll need to make a mini diaper cake. We’ll also walk you through the steps required to complete the task and ensure you have a high-quality mini diaper cake or set of diaper cakes to give as a gift at your next baby shower.

Read on to learn how to make a mini diaper cake below.

Materials and Equipment Needed

  • 7 disposable diapers per cake
  • Rubber bands (clear if possible)
  • Ribbons in the color of your choice
  • Wash cloths or bibs in a color that matches or complements your ribbon
  • Glue or tape
  • Scissors
  • Optionally, additional baby-safe décor items such as shoes, newborn toys, etc.


1. Start by first rolling up your seven disposable diapers tightly. Roll them away from you and, if they have a picture on them, try to hide the picture as you roll.

2. Use rubber bands to secure the diapers in a tight roll.

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3. Collect the seven diapers together in a group to form a circle.

4. Roll up the bibs or washcloths you have chosen and tuck them into the center of the ring of diapers to fill out the middle of the cake.

5. Wrap cut pieces of ribbon around the middle of the diaper cake to cover the rubber bands.

6. Do not secure the ribbons to the diapers themselves with glue, tape, or any other adhesive, as this will likely tear the diapers when the ribbon is removed. Instead, use glue to secure one end of the ribbon tightly to the other.

7. Fold a washcloth into a thin rectangle.

8. Wrap a rubber band around the middle of this rectangle to form a bowtie-style shape.

9. Cut another piece of ribbon and wrap it around the middle of the bow to cover the rubber bands here as well. Use glue once again to secure one end of the ribbon to the other.

10. Use glue to attach the bow tie to the ribbon, taking care not to get any glue on the diapers.

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11. If you choose to decorate your diaper cakes with any other baby-safe items, you can add them at this time. Try placing them gently into the diaper cake or using pipe cleaners to attach items in a way that doesn’t require glue or tape on the diapers themselves.

More DIY Mini Diaper Cake Ideas

Did you find everything you wanted to know about how to make mini diaper cakes? There are a lot of different ways to dress up your mini diaper cakes, and it’s important to keep in mind the theme of the baby shower as well as the preferences of the mom-to-be when choosing the decorations and extra items you will include.

A mini diaper cake is a fun way to add some excitement to a baby shower. You can use these mini cakes as a centerpiece for each table, then let the mom-to-be take them home after the baby shower is over. You can also stack them together if you want to create a large diaper cake tower made out of smaller diaper cakes. There are many different ways to incorporate them into your décor, so take some time to consider the options before you get started.

But what if you need some more ideas? Here are a few pictures to help give you some extra inspiration for your mini diaper cake:

Option #1

Woodland Diaper Cakes

These cute woodland diaper cakes are decorated with a variety of colors and items that fit with a forest animal theme for a baby shower. The cakes feature different colors of paper confetti on top of each one and are fitted with cutouts of cute forest animals on top. They are finished with bows and ribbons that match the colors of the paper confetti as well as the animal cutouts. This theme works well for baby boys and baby girls, so it’s also a good choice for baby showers when the baby’s gender isn’t known yet.

Option #2

Princely Diaper Cakes

This idea is a great option for baby boys. These mini diaper cakes are decorated with cutouts of sparkly golden crowns and a stripe of matching gold ribbon around the center. They are finished with a simple light blue ribbon and bow to complete the look. If the mom-to-be is expecting a baby girl, the theme can be easily changed from prince to princess by changing the blue ribbon to a pink one. You may also want to change the gold crown to a silver one, but this isn’t always necessary.

Option #3

Bunny Diaper Cakes

For a springtime baby shower, a bunny-themed diaper cake is a great option. These mini cakes are made of washcloths, but they can be easily adapted for use as a mini diaper cake instead. Wrap the finished diaper cake in a cute bow with a country print (such as gingham checkers), and finish the top off with bunnies made of folded washcloths. Add some baby bath time items to the top of the diaper cake to complete the look and stick with the theme as well. Don’t be afraid to get creative with the colors you work with for this one!

Option #4

Jungle Diaper Cakes

These jungle diaper cakes are a fun way to decorate for a jungle-themed baby shower! The cakes are decorated with blue confetti paper on top of each one and finished with blue ribbons. They feature cutouts of jungle animals attached to the top of each cake as well. You can easily change this theme by picking a different ribbon color for a baby girl or a baby with an unknown gender. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination when you work with a simple but effective theme like this one!

Option #5

Ducky Diaper Cakes

These ducky diaper cakes provide a unique twist on the diaper cake concept. They are wrapped in gauzy fabric to hold everything together and feature a simple, thin ribbon around the middle of each cake. The cakes are topped with a little bit of paper confetti and a rubber ducky on the top of each one. Finally, the fabric is tied with matching and complementing ribbon colors to complete the look. This mini diaper cake idea can be dressed up with more baby bath time items or dressed down by removing the fabric and top ribbons if you choose. There are many ways to change this style depending on what you need.

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