Baby Wipe Dispenser

OXO Tot Perfect Pull Wipes Dispenser - Gray, 1 Count (Pack of 1)
22,432 Reviews
OXO Tot Perfect Pull Wipes Dispenser - Gray, 1 Count (Pack of 1)
  • One-handed usage makes changing time a breeze
  • Weighted plate dispenses one wipe at a time and keeps the next wipe ready, upright and waiting
  • Silicone gasket in lid keeps wipes moist and fresh

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Wipe dispensers are pretty much just what they sound like: products that can be used to contain wet wipes and make them easy for you to reach as needed. A great holder within reach will ensure no more dirty hands and awkward situations when cleaning after your little mess monster! Just reach over and grab what you need, when you need it. Awesome, right?

Before we go any further, it may be important to discuss… what are the different types of baby wipe refillable box options?

  • These products contain packages of wet wipes for easy access.
  • Travel options are smaller and can be tucked in a diaper bag.
  • Wet wipe travel pouches are even more portable but may only contain a few wipes at a time.

Of course whichever type you choose really depends on your specific situation. Read on to find the right holder for your baby’s needs and make sure to choose wisely!

Additional Information That Readers Will Find Useful

Baby wipes dispensers are a great way to keep the wipes you use for your baby clean and in order. They provide an easy and convenient way to store and dispense wipes, while also helping to reduce waste. When choosing a dispenser, you should think about the size of the container, the type of lid, and the materials used to make it. The size of the container should be large enough to hold all of your wipes without taking up too much space. Also, the lid should be tight enough to keep leaks and spills from happening, but easy enough to open with one hand. Lastly, the materials used should be strong enough to handle regular use and any possible messes. By understanding these key ideas about wipe dispensers, parents can better decide on which one will best suit their needs and provide them with a satisfying experience when caring for their little ones.

How to Use Them: What Can You Do With Them?

There are three main ways to use a wipes dispenser. First, you can store and hand out baby wipes with them. This is especially helpful for parents who need wipes quickly when they are out with their baby. Second, they can also be used to keep things like diapers, bibs, and toys out of the way. This makes it easy to keep everything in its place and close by when you need it. Lastly, wipe dispensers can also be used to decorate the bathroom or nursery. They come in many colors and styles that will make any room look more stylish. A baby wipes dispenser is a very useful tool for any caretaker or parent because it can be utilized in many ways and is convenient to use.

How do these products compare to what else is out there on the market?

These wipe dispensers are often compared to their competitors based on things like their size and capacity, the type of material used to make them, how easy they are to use, and how much they cost. Additionally, experts may also consider factors such as how easy it is to refill the dispenser, how well it dispenses wipes without tearing them, and any additional features that make it stand out from other models. Ultimately, these performance categories help determine which dispenser is best suited for a particular application or situation.

General User Experience: What To Know

Using a wipe dispenser is a very easy and helpful way to keep your baby’s wipes clean and in order. These dispensers are made to hold multiple packs of wipes, making it easy to grab one whenever you need it. Additionally, they come with a variety of features such as adjustable settings for the amount of wipes dispensed at once, as well as a lid that helps keep the wipes from drying out. The dispensers are also small, light, and easy to carry, which makes them great for trips and small spaces.

Keeping your baby’s bottom clean and dry is easy with a baby wipes dispenser. Here’s what you need to do to use one: First, make sure the wipes are put into the dispenser correctly. Then, open the dispenser’s lid and take out one wipe at a time. Third, gently wipe your baby’s bottom with the wipe. Fourth, close the dispenser’s lid after each use so that moisture doesn’t get in. Finally, always dispose of used wipes in a trash can or diaper pail. With these simple steps in mind, you can easily keep your baby’s bottom clean and dry with your new dispenser.

Option #1: Oxo Tot Perfect Pull Wipes Dispenser

With the Oxo Tot Perfect Pull , you’ll always have up to 100 wipes ready and waiting for when you need them most. These products are designed to dispense a single wipe at a time and to keep the wipes inside moist for longer than many other choices listed here, too.


  • This box snaps open or closed easily with the touch of a button.
  • This holder comes in five different colors to match your child’s nursery easily.


  • Some customers dislike how difficult it is to get the labels and stickers off this dispenser.
  • Some customers feel the plastic is too thin on this box.

Option #2: Hiccapop

No products found.

The No products found. is designed to prevent wipes from drying out and keep them within easy reach at the same time. You can easily open and shut this option with one hand, as well as remove a single wipe at a time without the need for two hands.


  • This box has a viewing window that allows you to tell when it’s almost out of wipes.
  • The weighted design makes it easier to get wipes out when needed.


  • This box may not seal tightly in every situation.
  • The hinges may break easily on this holder’s lid.

Option #3: Ubbi

Choose the Ubbi Holder  to enjoy a durable wet wipe container that will last for a long time. These options are easy to keep clean and convenient for use in any baby’s nursery.


  • This offer comes in five different color options.
  • You can purchase a two-pack of this choice if you need to in order to save money.


  • The box doesn’t hold a full package of wet wipes at a time.
  • The lid doesn’t snap shut very well.

Option #4: Skip Hop On-The-Go

Preview Product Rating
Skip Hop On-The-Go Wipes Dispenser, Grab & Go, Grey Skip Hop On-The-Go Wipes Dispenser, Grab & Go, Grey 8,606 Reviews

If you want an easy-to-use baby wipe case that will hold up to tons of wear and tear, check out the Skip Hop On-The-Go Snug Seal Baby Case . This holder features a spring inside that allows the wipes to come out easily and a design that makes it easier to fill up this case than many others on our list.


  • The case is see-through so you can tell when you’re about to run out of wipes.
  • These choices are made of silicone, which is easier to keep clean and more durable than other types of plastic, too.


  • This offer may pop open easily when kept in a diaper bag.
  • This option can only hold about 15 wipes at a time.

Option #5: OXO Tot On-The-Go

Preview Product Rating
OXO Tot On-the-Go Travel Wipes Dispenser- Pink OXO Tot On-the-Go Travel Wipes Dispenser- Pink 446 Reviews

Pick up this OXO Tot On-The-Go Travel Holder  when you’re looking for a high-quality, durable plastic box that will last for a long time to come. These offers are available in two different colors and is sure to hold up to a lot of wear and tear.


  • These options are one of the most popular baby wipe holders on our list.
  • The silicone material is easy to keep clean and can hold up to 25 wet wipes at a time.


  • This choice may not snap shut as well as some of the other holders listed here.
  • The hook that attaches this offer to your bag strap may break sooner than some of the others on our list as well.

Option #6 Reusable Pouch Set of 4

Bring home this Reusable Pouch Set of 4  to have several pouches to choose from when you need to travel with your baby. Attach them easily to the strap of your diaper bag or anywhere else where you might need to use them.


  • This option also comes in a set of five if you need a little more help carrying wet wipes with you, too.
  • The product is designed to fit easily into most diaper bags.


  • Some pouches have been known to arrive already damaged during shipping or storage.
  • The plastic lid may fall off of these offers sooner than than some of the others listed here.

Option #7 Reusable Pouch For Baby

Choose this Reusable Pouch for Baby  two-pack to enjoy two handy holders you can keep with you on the go at all times. These options are designed to hold several wipes at a time without becoming too easily damaged.


  • This offer features a hanging strap to make it easier to keep track of these wipes in your diaper bag.
  • The pouches can be wiped down easily for cleaning purposes.


  • These choices are too large to tuck into a standard sized purse.
  • The lids may pop loose on these options in some instances.

Option #8 Reusable Pouch

This Reusable Pouch  comes in a set of five. Each pouch features a fun and colorful design that’s sure to appeal to babies and parents alike!


  • These holders are made out of BPA-free materials.
  • You can choose between three different sizes of these pouches as needed, all of which are included in one set of five.


  • These options are known to split at the seams more commonly than some of the other dispensers listed here.
  • You cannot put too many wipes in these pouches or they will rupture.

Great For Your Nursery

Did you find a great option? Why do you need a box like this, anyway? Simply put, one of these products is sure to make it easier for you to reach wipes as your baby needs them during diaper changes, either on the go or at home. You’ll never have to worry about running out of wipes with one of these handy items close by!

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