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Prince Lionheart Ever-Fresh Replacement Pillows for Ultimate...

Prince Lionheart Ever-Fresh Replacement Pillows for Ultimate Wipes Warmer, 2 Count (Pack of 1)

If you have a baby wipe warmer, you’re probably looking for some replacement wipes warmer pads to help keep the wipes warm and allow this option to do its job the way it’s supposed to. And if this is true of you, then be sure to check out these Prince Lionheart Ever-Fresh Replacement Wipes Warmer Pads for Ultimate Wipes Warmer . These wipes warmer pads are designed to fit into the Ultimate Wipes Warmer product, but they can also be used universally with other types of baby wipe warmers as well depending on your needs.

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  • These wipes warmer pads come in a package of two so you never have to worry about being surprised and left without one for any time.
  • The wipes warmer pads are designed to help prevent your wipes from becoming too dry when you keep them in your wipe warmer product.
  • They are also designed to keep the wipes fresh-smelling and clean-looking, and they won’t cause the wipes to turn yellow or brown either.
  • These wipes warmer pads are easy to use by simply taking the old ones out of the wipe warmer product and putting the new ones in as needed.

We like how long these wipes warmer pads are able to last if you keep up with them properly. The wipes warmer pads pillows are designed to keep your wipes moist for up to three months in the warmer, and for the most part, this is an accurate length of time for their use. This is a high-quality product, and it works as advertised for most of the customers who give it a try. Because of this, we feel that its best feature is simply doing what it does best: keeping wipes fresh, clean, and smelling good for as long as you need them.

We feel that this wipes warmer pads product could be improved by being able to be purchased in bulk rather than only two at a time. Although buying too many at once could cause the wipes warmer pads to dry out while they’re in storage, it would be nice if customers could stock up on more than two of these wipes warmer pads at once in a bulk-sized package. Many customers would likely make use of this type of feature, and would enjoy having more of these wipes warmer pads on hand for travel purposes or for times when they’re caught off-guard and need one without realizing it beforehand.

Are you thinking of using a baby wipes warmer in your home?

Do you want to know how you can stock up on wipes warmer pads for baby wipes in the process?

What are wipes warmer pads anyway?

Wipes warmer pads designed for baby wipes are products that are inserted into your baby wipe warmer. They sit at the bottom of your stack of wipes and prevent the bottom few wipes from drying out badly because of exposure to the heating element in the warmer itself.

These wipes warmer pads look like small pillows and are also great at absorbing the excess moisture in your baby wipes, preventing them from becoming too soggy to be usable when you keep them in a product like a wipe warmer, too.

If you’re planning to use a baby wipe warmer in your nursery, you’ll need to be sure you have wipes warmer pads to help use it properly. In this article, we’ll walk you through a review for a great-quality product that will do just that.

Take your time and look through the review we have put together below to help you figure out whether or not these replacement wipes warmer pads are a good pick for you.


  • These wipes warmer pads are very easy to use by simply taking out the old wipes warmer pads pillow and replacing it with a new one whenever the old one starts to look brown, yellow, or a little on the crusty side.
  • Even if you do not get around to changing the wipes warmer pads on time, the old wipes warmer pads pillow will not retain any bad smells or make your wipes too unpleasant or unsafe for your baby to use in any way.
  • These wipes warmer pads can be refreshed by adding a little more water to them every few weeks if you live in a very dry climate that makes them dry out too quickly.
  • The company provides high-quality customer service to anyone who tries to get in touch with them.


  • Some customers find that the bottom of the wipes warmer pads pillow tends to get stuck badly to the wipes warmer and may be difficult to pry out in some situations.
  • Many customers feel that these wipes warmer pads are a waste of money and are simply something they don’t want to have to worry about changing regularly in their baby’s ensemble.
  • Some customers have reported wipes warmer pads arriving damaged or in packaging that is damaged, although this is very uncommon.
  • Some customers dislike the way the wipes warmer pads start to turn brown or yellow when they’re done being used, although this is only a cosmetic effect and is not a result of anything unpleasant like mold or mildew.
Prince Lionheart Ever-Fresh Replacement Pillows for Ultimate...
8,186 Reviews
Prince Lionheart Ever-Fresh Replacement Pillows for Ultimate...
  • Prevents discoloration to baby wipes
  • Lasts up to three months
  • Two pillows per package

The Best Wipes Warmer Pads?

Do you feel like you know a little more about this wipes warmer pads pillow replacement for your baby wipe warmer now? All in all, this wipes warmer pads product is entirely up to you, and you may choose not to buy it if you feel like it’s going to put you over budget for your baby wipes warmer pads every few months. However, many customers do use this wipes warmer pads product and its associated wipes warmer with great results, so you may want to do yourself and your baby a favor and consider buying it and trying it out anyway.

What are the benefits of using a product like this, though? Is there really any significant reason why you should try a product like this, or is it just going to be a waste of money in the long run? Here are a few positives of using wipes warmer pads pillow replacements for your baby wipe warmer:

  • Many babies are less fussy during diaper changes when you use a warmed baby wipe. Having a warmer on hand will help this be possible, and keeping your wipes from drying out in your warmer is crucial to saving you more money in the long run.
  • These wipes warmer pads are great at keeping your baby wipes moist and ready for use for longer periods of time when you use a wipe warmer.
  • A wipes warmer pads pillow like this in your wipe warmer will also keep your wipes from disintegrating due to the presence of heat and humidity within the warmer.

Keep all of this in mind when you’re trying to determine whether or not a product like this is right for you. In no time, you’ll be sure to make the right decision and bring home this wipes warmer pads product if you’re ready to give it a try.

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