How To Make A Tutu Diaper Cake


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Have you ever seen a tutu diaper cake?

Do you want to make one for the next baby shower in your life?

Are you looking for a quick and simple how-to guide for making one?

A tutu diaper cake is a fun and functional diaper cake perfect for a baby girl’s baby shower. These cakes are decorated with feminine themes and feature a tutu the baby can really wear that makes up the base of the cake. They are also, of course, made up of several diapers!

These cakes are a popular twist on traditional diaper cakes. If you know the mom-to-be in your life is having a girl, you might want to consider this type of diaper cake as a gift for her baby shower. You may even want to put together an elaborate tutu cake as a centerpiece instead.

In this article, we’ll show you everything you need to know about making tutu diaper cakes. You’ll find a list of equipment and materials you need as well as simple steps to follow when constructing the perfect diaper cake.

Read on to learn more about how to make a tutu diaper cake.

Materials & Equipment Needed

  • 36 disposable diapers
  • Small clear rubber bands
  • Cardboard
  • Paper towel roll
  • Thin elastic strips
  • Hot glue and glue gun
  • Clothes hanger
  • Crepe paper
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Elmer’s glue
  • 13 strips of tulle fabric, approximately 2 inches wide and whatever length you want the baby tutu to be
  • 1 elastic baby headband
  • Water jug or other round bottle as a “dress form”
  • Marker or pen
  • Scissors
  • Newborn shirt or dress
  • 2 baby washcloths


1. Tightly roll one diaper away from you so that the band is hidden within the roll.

2. Wrap a rubber band around the diaper to secure.

3. Continue until you have rolled all 36 diapers.

4. Draw a large circle on your cardboard and mark the center. Cut it out using your scissors.

5. Place a line of hot glue around one end of the paper towel roll and stick the paper towel roll to the cardboard, lining it up with the center mark you have made.

6. Add more hot glue if necessary to ensure the roll remains standing upright.

7. Cut a piece of elastic about half the circumference of your cardboard circle. Secure the elastic to itself with a bead of hot glue to form a ring.

8. Place the ring of elastic down over the paper towel roll so that it sits on top of the cardboard circle.

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9. Stuff 7 rolled diapers into the elastic band around the base of the paper towel roll.

10. Tuck 7 more rolled diapers in between the first ones to form a second circle.

11. Continue doing this until you have used up 21 total of your diapers. By now, your diapers should reach near the outer rim of the cardboard circle, but not quite all the way.

12. Make another loop of elastic the same size as the first and secure it with hot glue at the ends as well.

13. Place the second loop of elastic down over the paper towel roll and let it sit on top of the first layer of rolled diapers.

14. Continue stuffing diapers around the paper towel roll, holding them in place with the second roll of elastic. You should use 9 diapers for this step.

15. Trace your clothes hanger onto a piece of cardboard and cut out the shape.

16. Repeat with another piece of cardboard and hot glue the two together to form a more sturdy, solid piece. You may want to color or paint the cardboard at this stage.

17. Use Elmer’s glue to wrap the cardboard coat hanger in crepe paper.

18. Wrap crepe paper around the first layer of the diaper cake.

19. Secure the faux coat hanger to the top of the diaper cake using pipe cleaners and hot glue.

20. Hang the newborn shirt or dress on the faux clothes hanger and tuck it so that it is covering the top layer and part of the bottom layer of the diaper cake.

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21. Roll the remaining diapers in two baby washcloths (3 diapers per washcloth) and tape shut like you are wrapping a holiday gift, taking care not to tape the diapers themselves.

22. String the baby washcloths onto the clothes hanger using floral wire to make a purse-like shape. You may want to put a small piece of cardboard inside the washcloths to make them stand open like a purse.

23. Slip the baby headband onto the water jug or whatever item you are using as a dress form.

24. Double over the strips of tulle fabric and thread them into the open weave slots along the bottom of the elastic baby headband. Tie each one in place to secure.

25. Continue until you have finished threading and tying all 13 strips of fabric around the baby headband.

26. Slip the baby headband off of the water jug and down over the previously constructed diaper cake. This will serve as the skirt for your diaper cake.

27. Congratulations! You have just completed your cake and it is now ready for more decoration if you choose, or to be presented as-is at your next baby shower.


As you can see, it’s not too hard to make a tutu diaper cake any mom-to-be is sure to love! By following the directions outlined above, you’ll be able to put together the perfect cake for a gift or a centerpiece at your next baby shower.

But what if you still need some ideas to help jumpstart your tutu diaper cake construction? Take a look at these beautiful diaper cakes if you need some more inspiration for your own creations:

Option #1

Purple tutu cake

This frilly diaper cake features two layers and a purple and silver theme throughout. This option also includes a personalized “welcome” message on the front of the cake that can make it feel that much more special for the expectant mom. The cake is finished with a silver princess tiara, purple flowers, and purple paper confetti.

Option #2

Princess tutu cake

This elegant diaper cake features three layers instead of just two and has a full princess theme. This offer is decorated in pink and gold with a princess crown and a Cinderella slipper to top it off. This is a much more regal cake than some other options but it is perfect for the right baby shower setting.

Option #3

Little lamb tutu cake

This delicate diaper cake includes just one layer of diapers. Its top is finished with a plush lamb that is decorated with pink ribbons and bows. The lamb is holding a pair of baby-sized ballet slippers that match the tutu at the bottom of the cake.

These ideas only scratch the surface of possibilities, and it’s important to remember that you are only limited by your imagination when building a tutu diaper cake like this. Take your time considering all possibilities and looking around at baby décor or clothing for more ideas, too. Don’t forget to stick with the theme of the baby shower when picking decorations and clothing pieces as well!

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