How To Make A Tricycle Diaper Cake


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What is a tricycle diaper cake?

Do they make a great baby shower gift?

Is it a good idea to learn how to make one?

A tricycle diaper cake is a diaper cake that is shaped like a tricycle. This option incorporates several disposable diapers as well as a onesie, pacifier, pair of baby socks, and several other items you might choose to add and give as part of your gift.

These diaper cakes, like most diaper cakes, are ideal gifts to give at a baby shower. However, you might find other uses for this type of diaper cake as well. If you’re looking for a high-quality and exciting baby shower gift, though, you can’t go wrong with a tricycle diaper cake.

In this article, we’ll show you all the materials and equipment you’ll need to put together this type of diaper cake. After that, we’ll walk you through the steps required to complete the process so you can create the best possible tricycle diaper cake for your next baby shower or other baby-related gift-giving milestone.

Be sure to read through all the materials, equipment, and directions first to understand everything you’ll need to do to complete this project. Don’t forget to stock up on all the diapers and craft supplies required, too! This will make it much easier for you to finish the project in one go.

Find out more about how to make a tricycle diaper cake in the article below.

Materials and Equipment Needed

  • Disposable diapers (total of 48)
  • Wide ribbon
  • Craft string or twine
  • Baby socks
  • Onesie
  • Pacifier
  • 2 bottles of baby shampoo
  • 2 cloth diapers
  • 1 stuffed animal
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard paper towel roll


1. First, unroll a long piece of craft string or twine and lay it flat on your workspace.

2. Next, arrange sixteen diapers so that they overlap each other but aren’t stacked on top of each other. Lay them all in a line on top of the craft string.

3. Start tightly rolling the diapers starting with the end closest to you. Use the craft string to help you roll the diapers into your first tricycle wheel.

4. Tie the craft string tightly around the first wheel and double knot it.

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5. Cover the craft string with a piece of your wide ribbon and tie it into a decorative bow.

6. Repeat this process until you have three completed tricycle wheels.

7. Set the wheels aside and gather your paper towel roll as well as additional wide ribbon.

8. Wrap the wide ribbon securely around the paper towel roll and tape both ends to keep it in place.

9. Slide one wheel onto one end of the paper towel roll and another wheel onto the other end.

10. Place the third wheel in the center of these two wheels connected by the paper towel axel.

11. Use a long piece of wide ribbon to tie all three of the wheels together.

12. Place both of the cloth diapers on top of each other and roll them together to form one long thin rectangle.

13. Lay the onesie on top of the tricycle to form the seat.

14. Thread the rolled cloth diapers through the front wheel and tie them on top of the wheel, securing the onesie in place as you do so. If you can’t tie the thick cloth diapers easily, secure them with a piece of craft string and wrap a ribbon around it to cover the string.

15. Place one baby sock on each of the two “handlebars” that were formed in the previous step.

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16. Tie the pacifier to the front of the handlebars using additional ribbon. This creates the “headlight” of the tricycle.

17. Place the stuffed animal on top of the tricycle to be the rider.

18. Tuck the bottles of baby shampoo into the spaces in the middle of the back two wheels.

19. Congratulations! You have just finished making a diaper tricycle you can give as a gift.


As you can see, it isn’t too difficult to make a tricycle diaper cake that will stand out as one of the most memorable gifts of any baby shower. This process may take a couple of hours to get it right if you’re brand-new to the world of diaper cake making, but you should be able to put together a high-quality tricycle cake if you follow the guide listed above. Of course, if you have prior experience making diaper cakes, then it will go much more quickly. Some experienced DIYers have no trouble completing this task in about a half an hour!

Building a tricycle diaper cake is a great way to provide multiple small gifts in one unique and showstopping package. You can put together a tricycle cake for a baby shower or give one as a gift for a baby’s first birthday. You might also want to give one as a Christmas present to a young baby as well. As long as the baby is still in diapers and the parents-to-be don’t mind using disposable diapers, there’s no reason not to make and give tricycle diaper cakes for a variety of baby events and milestones.

But what if you need some inspiration to help you get started? What if you don’t know which direction you want to take your tricycle cake? Take a look at these images to find some more ideas and suggestions for your tricycle diaper cake:

Option #1. Baby blue tricycle:

This tricycle diaper cake is made up of solid white diapers and features only shades of blue in its decorations. Sticking with just baby blue colors is a great way to keep your diaper cake minimal in appearance while still providing a high-quality gift packed with extras. Even the included baby bottle “headlight” on this diaper cake is blue, and it works on the front of the tricycle cake to tie everything in together.

Option #2. Diamond diaper tricycle:

This diamond diaper tricycle is made up of multiple baby items to help a new mom prepare. This offer features a second blanket in place of a front bib, and it includes complementary colors such as blue, black, and brown. These colors work together to create a more overall masculine appearance in the cake.

Option #3. Polka-dot tricycle:

This cute polka-dot themed tricycle diaper cake features plenty of diapers and other useful items in its construction. It includes multiple blankets and washcloths, socks on the “handlebars,” and a bib to finish it all off. Its combination of light blue and light green with a few accent colors makes it ideal for a baby boy, although it is easy to change the colors you choose to work with for this project as needed.

When you keep these ideas in mind, you’ll be even more prepared than ever before to complete the perfect tricycle diaper cake for your next baby shower gift. Keep in mind that your possibilities are only limited by your imagination, and you can easily figure out a variety of unique ways to decorate your diaper cake for any mom-to-be or dad-to-be out there. Choose your favorite style from the list above and don’t be afraid to make it your own!

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