How To Make A Bassinet Diaper Cake


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What is a bassinet diaper cake?

Are they good for baby showers for both girls and boys?

Is it hard to make one?

A bassinet diaper cake is a type of diaper cake that is designed to look like a newborn baby’s bassinet. These diaper cakes are great for baby shower gifts and centerpieces, and they can be made for baby boys, baby girls, and gender-neutral baby showers as well.

This type of diaper cake is a little more complicated than some of the others out there, but it isn’t too hard to put one together. If you don’t have prior diaper cake assembly experience, it may take a couple of hours; if you do, you may be able to finish it in an hour or less.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps you need to take to complete a DIY baby bassinet diaper cake. We’ll also show you the equipment and materials you’ll need to have on hand before you begin this project, so you can easily stock up.

When you work through this guide, you’ll be able to create a beautiful and high-quality bassinet diaper cake you’ll want to show off to everyone at the next baby shower. Your gift is sure to become one of the most memorable when you give a bassinet cake to the mom-to-be.

Read on to find out more about how to make a bassinet diaper cake.

Materials and Equipment Needed

  • 48 disposable newborn diapers
  • 3 receiving blankets
  • 1 crib blanket
  • 2 bibs
  • Baby bath time basket
  • Ribbons
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Rubber bands


1. Begin by rolling 18 of your disposable diapers into tight cylindrical rolls. Secure each one with a rubber band.

2. Wrap a rubber band around the bath time basket.

3. Secure each of the rolled diapers between the bath time basket and the rubber band around it. When you finish, you should have diapers lining the perimeter of the basket.

4. Slip a layer of unrolled, flat diapers between the rolled diapers and the rubber band.

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5. Cover the completed base of the bassinet with the larger crib blanket and secure it with a rubber band.

6. Flip the base over and tuck the loose ends of the receiving blanket into the diaper base. Adjust as needed to make the blanket lie flat.

7. Stack ten diapers folded flat and secure with a rubber band.

8. Place two flat diapers on either side of the stack of diapers and secure with another rubber band.

9. Wrap the first receiving blanket around this portion of the diaper cake. Secure it in place with lengths of ribbon and tape the ends of the ribbon together to hold.

10. Place the bib on top of the base.

11. Set the top pillow portion on top of the base at the head of the bib.

12. Lay the second bib so that it drapes over the back of the whole diaper cake.

13. Fold the second receiving blanket into a long rectangle and wrap it around the pillow and base of the bassinet cake.

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14. Wrap the third receiving blanket around the base of the bassinet, making sure to catch the ends of the top receiving blanket to secure them in place.

15. Wrap ribbons around the base and pillow of the bassinet diaper cake and tie the ribbons into decorative bows.

16. Decorate the bassinet diaper cake with any other baby items or décor you might choose to use. You may want to place a stuffed toy inside the bassinet, for example, or arrange a variety of baby bath time or nap time items inside.

17. If you choose, you can also stack more rolled diapers together and secure them with rubber bands and ribbons to form a base for the bassinet. This base can be used as a display for the bassinet diaper cake and can be dressed up or down depending on the style you’re hoping to achieve.

18. Keep in mind that you should never put any tape on diapers, as this will ruin them.


Did you learn everything you wanted to know about how to build a bassinet diaper cake? These unique and endearing diaper cakes quickly become the centerpiece of any baby shower, and if you bring one to give as a gift to the mom-to-be, it will surely be remembered. Best of all, it doesn’t take too long to complete this project, so you can put it together with just a couple of spare hours and a little DIY enthusiasm. You can also get creative with the steps listed above and put your own spin on things.

But what can you do if you’re not sure what style you want to build? Where can you find some inspiration for bassinet diaper cakes? Check out these suggestions for bassinet diaper cake styles you can try:

Option #1

Polka-dot diaper cake

This cute diaper cake is perfect for a baby girl, but you can change the color of the ribbon and make one for a baby boy or a gender-neutral baby shower instead. This choice features a spacious box in the center of the bassinet and a delicate, lacy blanket draped over the top. The bassinet is finished with large, decorative bows on the top and front that help hold everything together. This option gives you a lot of room to get creative and change things around depending on the preferences of the recipient.

Option #2

Shoebox bassinet cake

This version of a bassinet diaper cake includes a shoebox in the center in place of a baby bath time basket. This shoebox gives you a lot of extra options, since you can pack the box with just about anything you want to give to the mom-to-be. This version is decorated with a princess-themed rubber ducky and lots of matching pink and yellow decorations. This option is finished with craft flowers and paper craft butterflies, giving the whole diaper cake bassinet a complete feminine appearance. Of course, you can change the décor if you choose to.

Option #3

Jungle animals bassinet cake

This jungle animals bassinet diaper cake is great for a baby boy or for a gender-neutral baby shower. This offer features a spacious interior box compartment which is packed with blankets, a pacifier, and much more. This choice also includes a row of diapers around the exterior and an elegant receiving blanket draped over the top. This bassinet diaper cake is finished with a big yellow bow on front and a smaller layered bow on top. All of the colors combine to match the colors in the jungle animal ribbon surrounding the bassinet, and they all work well for babies whether you know the gender or not.

With these suggestions, you should be ready to put together the perfect bassinet diaper cake for any baby shower. This type of diaper cake makes an especially good shower gift, but you can also give it at a baby’s first birthday if you choose. Keep in mind that you should fill the bassinet with as many baby-safe items as you can pack in, so the parents-to-be will have a lot of useful gear to work with when the baby arrives!

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