How To Make A Diaper Stacker


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What is a diaper stacker?

Is it a good idea to make one instead of buying one?

Where can you usually find the materials you need to make a diaper stacker?

A diaper stacker is a product that is designed to hold diapers and make them easier for you to access. These are bags that feature a front slit opening so you can reach into them and grab a diaper as needed. They are usually designed to hang from your baby’s crib or from a nearby wall, but not always.

There are many different types of diaper stackers on the market, and you can purchase them in a variety of styles. Store bought diaper stackers come in different colors that are designed to match common baby nursery themes, and they are available in different sizes as well.

If you prefer to have more control over the appearance and style of your diaper stacker, however, you may choose to make one instead. It’s not difficult at all to complete a DIY diaper stacker project, and you can tackle this challenge whether you are an experienced DIYer or you’re brand new to the process.

To make a DIY diaper stacker, you don’t need to have any prior sewing skills or experience. In fact, you don’t need to be able to sew at all! There are several ways to go about completing this project, of course, but one of the most popular methods is the no-sew variety.

In this article, we’ll show you how to make a no-sew diaper stacker you’ll want to use again and again. This diaper stacker is sure to quickly become a useful part of your baby’s setup, and you can even make several to give as gifts to other parents, too.

Read through the information below to learn how to finish this project. Gather all your materials before you begin, and take your time working through the steps. This easy guide will help you create the ideal diaper stacker to improve your efficiency.

Read on to learn more about how to make a diaper stacker.

Materials and Equipment Needed

  • Tote bag featuring cute baby-themed fabric or prints
    • A good bag option is the type that can be found at grocery stores or other types of stores. These bags are usually intended to carry items while shopping and to be used in place of plastic bags when you make purchases.
  • Old t-shirt or fabric scraps
    • Choose a fabric or t-shirt in a color or pattern that matches or complements the colors in the bag you chose.
  • Hot glue and glue gun
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Craft knife


1. Begin by cutting two rectangular pieces of cardboard that are large enough to fit into the bottom of the tote bag.

2. Hot glue the two pieces of cardboard together so that they are one thick piece of cardboard.

3. Lay the cardboard pieces onto the piece of old fabric or t-shirt.

4. Use hot glue to wrap the fabric around the cardboard and fit it in place.

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5. Hot glue the back of the fabric-covered cardboard and press the piece down into the bottom of the tote bag. This will form a more solid and colorful base.

6. Cut two long strips of fabric the same length as the long sides of the bag.

7. Hot glue these cardboard pieces to the sides of the bag at the inside of the top near the handles.

8. Hot glue the whole bag closed, using the two cardboard pieces you have just attached to help create a sturdier top portion.

9. Fold another piece of scrap fabric or old t-shirt fabric to create a long, thin rectangle. Hot glue the fabric together so that the rectangle remains in place.

10. Hot glue the strips of fabric to the front of the tote bag to create a cute border and to cover the rough edges at the top of the bag.

11. Fold the fabric strips down over the corners to give the bag a more finished look.

12. Use your ruler to measure the exact center of the tote bag.

13. Use your craft knife to cut a slit from the center of the fabric border you have just added to the bottom of the bag, but be careful not to cut through the bottom trim of the tote bag.

14. Cut two long, thin strips of scrap fabric or old t-shirt.

15. Hot glue these fabric strips along the edges of the bag that you have just cut open. These will form a border on this front opening.

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16. Finish the top of the bag with a final fabric strip if you still need to cover any of the exposed cardboard edges.

17. Snip the straps of the tote bag in half so that there are now four straps instead of two—there should be two on each side.

18. Tie a knot in the end of each of the four strap pieces and secure the knot with a dot of hot glue. These can now be tied to hang the diaper stacker wherever it might be most useful.

19. Congratulations! You have just finished your complete no-sew diaper stacker bag.


Did you find everything you wanted to know and more about how to make your own DIY diaper stacker? The method outlined above is just one of the many ways you can go about finishing this project. However, since it is a no-sew method, it’s great for beginners as well as for those who may not have quite enough time to finish a complete sewing project.

But what if you don’t want to make a plain diaper stacker like the one described above? What if you’re looking for some other styles to help you get started? Check out these pictures for some further inspiration for DIY diaper stackers:

Option #1. Fox diaper stacker:

This cute and unique diaper stacker features a fox-print pattern which includes colorful foxes in a variety of different types of clothing and hats. This offer is finished with a gray and white polka-dotted accent and works great for any gender.

Option #2. Floral diaper stacker:

This floral diaper stacker is made up of a large floral print as the main fabric and a smaller floral and paisley as the accent. This choice also features a panel at the top of the stacker that includes the baby’s first initial, sewn out of the accent fabric.

Option #3. Polka-dot diaper stacker:

This cute diaper stacker has a country feel to it. The stacker is made up of a light green and white striped fabric with a complementary polka-dot to finish it off at the top and border. The diaper stacker also includes red checkered ties attached to the top, giving it a complete country vibe throughout.

Option #4. Chevron diaper stacker:

This stacker is great for baby boys or for gender-neutral nurseries as well. This option features a gray and white chevron print fabric as the main style with a bright, bold stripe of solid aqua as the accent.

Option #5. Delicate diaper stacker:

This delicate stacker includes a baby print fabric and is finished with a soft checkered pink and white accent.

No matter which style of diaper stacker you choose to make, you’re sure to be pleased with the results when you follow our guide outlined above!

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