How To Make An Owl Diaper Cake


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What is an owl diaper cake?

Why might you want to make one?

What are the steps you need to take to make this type of cake?

An owl diaper cake is a fun twist on the classic diaper cake. This version of the cake is shaped like an owl and features several extra baby shower gift items as different parts of the owl, too.

These cakes are great gifts for any baby shower. Whether the upcoming baby is a boy, a girl, or unknown, you can create the perfect owl diaper cake to give to any parent-to-be.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the materials and steps needed to complete this fun project and put together an excellent gift for your next baby shower.

Read on to learn how to make an owl diaper cake.

Materials and Equipment Needed

When gathering materials and equipment, make sure you purchase all items that match each other in terms of color or theme. You may also choose complementary colors. You will need to find matching or complementary colors for your onesie, ribbon, blankets, bib, socks, mittens, and fabric flowers.

If you don’t know the baby’s gender, or if you’re unsure what the baby shower theme will be, stick to one or two gender-neutral colors or go with solid white.

  • At least 35 diapers (newborn size if giving as a baby shower gift)
  • 8-inch round cake pan
  • Rubber bands
  • Onesie
  • Two nursing blankets
  • Bib
  • Long, wide ribbon
  • Baby mittens
  • Baby socks
  • Fabric flowers
  • Thumb tacks
  • Scissors
  • Optionally, washi tape


1. Begin by laying your 8-inch cake pan in front of you. This will be the area where you’ll start working.

2. Layer the diapers into the cake pan in a swirling spiral pattern. Make sure the overlap, and keep the printed or lace side of the diapers facing down into the cake pan. Continue until you have placed 24 diapers around the cake pan.

3. Fill the hole in the center with one more diaper, rolled up, for a total of 25.

4. Secure all the diapers with a rubber band around all of them.

5. Slide the diaper circle out of the cake pan and adjust the rubber band as needed to hold them in place.

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6. Roll five diapers tightly around each other to create another circle, then secure tightly with a rubber band.

7. Repeat this process with another five diapers. This will create the two eyes for the owl.

8. Wrap the onesie around the back of the large circle of diapers you made in the first few steps. Tuck it under the rubber band carefully, making sure not to dislodge any of the diapers you have secured in place.

9. Fold the nursing blanket into a long rectangle and wrap it securely around the circle of diapers and the onesie. Use a rubber band to affix it in place.

10. Turn the body of the diaper cake over so that the onesie is laying face-down on your table.

11. Place the bib on the front of the large diaper cake circle and secure the straps of the bib underneath the rubber band that is holding the nursing blanket in place.

12. Place the two rolled “eyes” made of diapers on top of the “body” diaper cake.

13. Wrap your long, wide ribbon around the eyes and the body. Tie this ribbon tightly on the top between the eyes to secure everything in one solid piece.

14. Fold the second receiving blanket into another long rectangle.

15. Place the second receiving blanket over the top of the owl diaper cake, draping it over the eyes and down the sides of the body.

16. Use a rubber band to secure this blanket in place around the eyes and “neck” area of the owl cake.

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17. Wrap more of your wide ribbon around this rubber band and tie a bow in the front.

18. Tuck one mitten into the other and roll the mittens into a beak shape.

19. Push the “beak” into the space between the two eyes, above the bow around the “neck.”

20. Fix two fabric flowers to the centers of the diaper cake eyes with one thumb tack each. Secure with washi tape if needed.

21. Push two baby socks into the space between the nursing blanket and diaper cake at the bottom of the owl’s body.

22. Take time to carefully adjust the diaper cake so that everything is even and held together properly. You may choose to add more ribbons if you wish for decoration.

23. Congratulations! You have just completed your first owl diaper cake.


Do you feel prepared to make your own DIY owl diaper cake? This fun project can be a great way to let your imagination flow when you’re working on a gift for a baby shower. This offer can also help you give a bigger, more cohesive and more unique gift to the mom-to-be rather than simply giving her a package of diapers or a box filled with baby items.

But what if you aren’t sure how to style your owl? Here are a few pictures of owl diaper cakes to help you feel inspired:

Option #1. Pink owl diaper cake:

This diaper cake is perfect for an upcoming baby girl. This choice features bright, bold hot pink flowers for the eyes, which are finished with faux pink gemstones in the center as the pupils. This option includes a pink printed baby blanket and a bib which reads “Whoo’s the Cutest?!” and includes a picture of a pink owl as well. The socks on this owl diaper cake are used to form the ears instead of the feet of the owl, and the whole diaper cake is arranged atop a display of baby bath time items.

Option #2. Yellow owl diaper cake:

This diaper cake is much like the previous one, and it also features socks that are used to form the ears instead of the feet. Instead of pink accessories, however, it incorporates yellow one with a hint of blue and green. This makes this owl diaper cake appropriate for a gender-neutral baby shower. The cake does not have feet or a base on the bottom at all, and instead simply sits up on its own. This offer includes a colorful bib which features pictures of cartoon giraffes to complete the natural theme.

Option #3. Blue and gray owl diaper cake:

This diaper cake is slightly different from the other two listed here in that it does not contain as many items. The cake does not have a onesie making up the back of the owl’s body, like the guide we put together above, but it does have a forest-print bib with owls pictured on it for the front of the body. Instead of flowers for the eyes, it features paper pinwheels with paper pupils. The blanket is used to drape over the whole back of the head and body, and the ears are made by pulling up pieces of the blanket with paperclips instead of with socks.

These ideas only scratch the surface, so don’t be afraid to get creative and make the perfect owl diaper cake for your next baby shower!

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