How To Make Diaper Cakes Centerpieces


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What is a diaper cake?

What makes a diaper cake a great centerpiece for a baby shower?

Are there other events where you can use a diaper cake centerpiece too?

A diaper cake is a faux cake that is constructed out of baby diapers instead of cake ingredients. This offer is usually made with disposable diapers, but there are plenty of methods of making diaper cakes using cloth diapers as well. These cakes are designed to look like a cake but provide a much more functional purpose for the mom-to-be.

As a gift for a baby shower, diaper cakes are an excellent option. They make it easy to give the expectant mother diapers, which she is definitely going to need, and to offer your creativity to her baby shower event at the same time. Most diaper cakes also give you the chance to give additional items as presents along with the diapers.

Of course, you may want to make a diaper cake centerpiece for other baby-related events too. A baby’s first birthday is another great time to give a diaper cake or present one as a centerpiece. You might also choose to bring a diaper cake centerpiece to the hospital as a gift right after the baby is born instead.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the materials, equipment, and steps required to complete your diaper cake project. Take your time looking through this information, then consider how you might be able to take this project and make it your own.

With a little ingenuity, creativity, and some items from a craft store or some baby-friendly gifts, you should be able to complete the ideal diaper cake centerpiece for the next baby shower or other baby milestone in your life. When you follow the guide below, you’ll create a centerpiece that is sure to quickly become the talk of the baby shower and stand out among the other gifts, too!

Read on to find out more about how to make diaper cake centerpieces for all your needs.

Materials & Equipment Needed

  • 20 newborn diapers
  • String
  • Ribbon in the color of your choice
  • Decorative flowers or other craft decorations
  • Rubber band
  • Glass cake pan
  • White confetti paper
  • Soup can (cleaned out thoroughly!)
  • Hot glue or tape


1. First, place your soup can in the middle of your workspace and secure your rubber band around it. This will serve as the form for your diaper cake creation.

2. Next, layer your diapers over each other in a scalloped pattern, keeping the solid white sides out and the printed sides (if any) facing in.

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3. Secure the diapers in this scalloped pattern around the soup can, layering them between the rubber band and the soup can as you work.

4. Make sure all the diapers are facing the same way to create the right pattern around the soup can.

5. Continue until you have used 14 of the newborn diapers.

6. Remove the soup can from the inside of the diaper cake.

7. Roll three diapers into cylinders and stuff them in the inside of the diaper cake.

8. Use the remaining three diapers to fill in any spaces between the rolled diapers and the scalloped ones, creating a filled-out cake.

9. Make adjustments as needed until your cake looks presentable.

10. Tie the string tightly around the diaper cake to secure everything in place, then double knot it and cut off any long ends.

11. Remove the rubber band.

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12. Wrap your colorful ribbon around the cake, covering the string with the width of the ribbon.

13. Tie the ribbon into an elegant bow on the front of the diaper cake. If you prefer not to tie a bow, you can secure the ribbon to itself with a dot of hot glue or a piece of tape. Do not use hot glue or tape on the diapers, however, or they will not be able to be used.

14. Arrange confetti paper on the glass cake pan to serve as a base for the diaper cake.

15. Place the diaper cake on the glass cake pan. Adjust the confetti paper as needed to make the presentation really pop.

16. Place the craft flower or any other decorations on top of the diaper cake.

17. If you choose, you can decorate around the diaper cake on the cake pan using other baby items such as pacifiers, rolled-up wash clothes or onesies, or newborn-safe toys. The decoration possibilities are only limited by your imagination!


Did you learn everything you wanted to know about how to make diaper cakes centerpieces? As you can see, the process is not a difficult one, but it does take a little bit of time and planning to complete. Once you’ve gotten the hang of making these centerpieces, however, you can put together several of them in a short time and always be prepared for any baby shower or other baby event that comes up.

These diaper cake centerpieces can be dressed up and used as the showstopper at a baby shower, but there are also plenty of other options for using them too.

What are some other ways you can use a diaper cake at a baby shower, apart from just as a centerpiece? Here are a few to think about:

  • Individual seating decorations: Set up small individual diaper cakes at every seat for the guests of the baby shower. Decorate them all slightly differently so the mom-to-be can take them all home afterward and enjoy the different, unique items included with each one.
  • Part of a baby shower game: Consider using your diaper cakes as a part of a baby shower game. You may want to incorporate them into a variety of different games, or even get the members of the baby shower party involved in making them instead. The mom-to-be can then “judge” the cakes, and of course she can take them all home with her as party favors, too.
  • Gender reveal: If you’re planning a gender reveal party for a friend or family member—or for yourself!—you can always use diaper cakes as part of the setup. Decorate the diaper cakes with gender-neutral colors and place them as decorations around the space where the party is going to take place. You might also use the diaper cakes as part of the reveal itself, requiring the parents-to-be to dig through the diaper cake or unroll all the diapers until they find the one that tells them whether they are expecting a boy or a girl.
  • Supplement to another gift: Of course, if all else fails, there is no reason why you can’t give a diaper cake as a supplement to another gift or as part of a more complete gift instead. You can decorate your diaper cake with as many baby-friendly items as needed to create the perfect full gift ensemble. Arrange everything together and display your diaper cake along with the rest of your gift for a memorable experience for the expectant mom.

No matter how you choose to use your diaper cake centerpiece, you’ll be pleased with the results when you follow our guide above!

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