How To Make A Square Diaper Cake


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What is a square diaper cake?

Why is this a good option for a baby shower gift?

Can you give this type of diaper cake for other events too?

A square diaper cake is a twist on a diaper cake that features square tiers instead of round ones. This option is a more modern option with angles and lines that make it stand out among other possibilities. These diaper cakes are still made with diapers, but they have a different aesthetic appeal.

Square diaper cakes are great gifts for baby showers. You might also choose to give one for a baby’s first birthday or for Christmas as well.

In this article, we’ll teach you how to make one of these types of diaper cakes and walk you through the steps required to complete the project.

Read on to learn how to make a square diaper cake.

Materials and Equipment Needed

  • Box of 108 newborn diapers
  • One color of thin ribbon
  • A matching or complementing color of wide ribbon
  • Small dowel rod
  • Paper clips
  • Rubber bands
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Any craft items or baby items you want to decorate with


1. Fold one diaper down by about a half-inch at the top.

2. Fold a second diaper down the same way.

3. Stack the two diapers together so that the folded portions at the top can wedge into each other.

4. Repeat this process with two more diapers.

5. Finish the stack with one more diaper folded down by a half-inch.

6. Use a rubber band to secure these five diapers into one stack.

7. Stand two stacks of five diapers next to each other so you have ten diapers standing up on their sides.

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8. Repeat this process until you have three rows of 20 diapers each, for a total of 60 diapers. This will be the first layer of your square diaper cake.

9. Now it is time to begin working on the second layer of diapers. Repeat the same process as you did for the first layer, but instead of five diapers per stack, only use four.

10. Continue until you have three rows for a total of 24 diapers. This will be your second layer.

11. Now it’s time to move on to the top layer.

12. Fold one diaper in half, then fold another in half and stack them together.

13. Continue until you have a stack of eight diapers. Wrap a rubber band around them.

14. Repeat this process once more so that you have two rows of eight, or 16 total diapers, for the top layer.

15. Take your thinner ribbon and wrap it across the top and bottom of your diaper rows. Repeat this for each diaper row and secure with tape on the bottom.

16. Place your 60 total diapers together for the bottom layer. Wrap your wide ribbon around the perimeter of this diaper layer and secure it with tape.

17. Repeat this process by wrapping the thinner ribbon around the diaper stacks for the second layer.

18. Position the diaper stacks next to each other to create a second, smaller square.

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19. Wrap your wide ribbon around the perimeter of this square and secure it with tape.

20. Repeat this process one more time for the top layer of diapers.

21. Stack all three diaper layers on top of each other.

22. Push the dowel rod down into the center of all three layers to hold them together.

23. Decorate the cake with craft items or baby items you choose to add. You may want to add craft flowers, paper craft animals or butterflies, baby socks, baby mittens, pacifiers, bath items, or anything else you can imagine!


So what do you think? Are you ready to give a square diaper cake a try? This unique type of diaper cakes can bring a touch of modern style and intriguing design elements into your baby shower. If you’re throwing a baby shower for someone else or you’re looking for something unique and showstopping to bring as a gift, you can’t go wrong with a well-made square diaper cake packed with must-have essentials for any new parent.

Of course, these diaper cakes can take a little time to put together, especially if you don’t have prior experience building one. If you have never made a diaper cake before, take your time and give yourself a couple of hours to complete this project. The more diaper cakes you make, the better you are sure to get at building them!

What can you do if you’re looking for some more ideas to get you started? Here are a few pictures of square diaper cakes to help give you some inspiration:

Option #1

Turtle square diaper cake

This elegant square diaper cake is designed in shades of green and brown to give it an earthy, natural feeling. This offer is decorated in crisscrossing ribbons that give it a unique style and make it stand out as a bold alternative to some of the other options out there. Each of the three tiers is decorated with brown paper confetti, and each features tiny polka-dot bows to add a touch of whimsy. The finishing touch to this square diaper cake is the large plush sea turtle that sits on top of it.

Option #2

Green square diaper cake

When you don’t know the gender of the baby or you’re giving a gift at a less gender-specific baby shower, you may want to stick with green as your main color. And if you are looking for some ideas for an all-green square diaper cake, this option has you covered! This cake creates visual interest by overlapping polka-dotted ribbon with striped ribbon, and it includes just a little bit of confetti paper to provide additional texture. This square diaper cake is finished with a large, flowing bow that drapes down the sides of the cake and provides even more to look at and admire.

Option #3

It’s a Boy square diaper cake

This diaper cake is a little bit more minimal than the other two on this list, but it is still very similar. This choice is designed specifically for a baby boy’s baby shower and features a lot of pale, soft blue to match. Its smaller bows are shiny and white, and it features white paper confetti as well. This version of the diaper cake is topped with a large, soft teddy bear that sits on the second tier and is tall enough to look over the top tier as well. The bear is wearing a matching ribbon around its neck to go along with the cake.

When you keep these suggestions in mind, you’ll be better able to put together the ideal diaper cake for any baby shower. These cake ideas only scratch the surface, however, so be sure to take some time and consider the mom-to-be who will be receiving the cake. What does she like? Has she already decorated her baby’s room with a certain theme or color? Is there a theme for the baby shower? All of these questions can help you narrow down the style of your square diaper cake and create something stunning that will not soon be forgotten.

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