Funniest Diaper Disasters Ever (CAUGHT ON CAMERA)


When dirty diapers are involved there’s always the possibility of a messy disaster, and we’ve found the funniest ones caught on video. Warning – There’s definitely some poop involved. This roundup isn’t for the squeamish!

Option #1

Grand dad’s diaper disaster

When mom was unable to change her baby’s diaper, grandpa stepped in. No one could have anticipated what happened next.

Option #2

This is what happens when dad tries to change a nappy

It seems like what happened to granddad can happen to fathers, too! This poor dad really tried his best, but in the end he just couldn’t hold it in.

Option #3

Funniest diaper change ever

This poor dad was doing so well until his baby decided to complicate things.

Option #4

Diaper explosion!!!

Some diapers are just no match for the power of a baby’s bottom. This cute onesie didn’t stand a chance either!

Option #5

Mother of all pooped pants diaper fail

This video proves that giving your baby undiluted prune juice is a really, really bad idea.

Option #6

Newborn photo shoot turned poopie disaster

Babies may look cute in newborn photos without diapers on, but this behind the scenes look says do it at your own risk!

Option #7

Baby poops on mom while she tries to get ready

No matter how great a busy mom might be at multitasking, she can never be prepared for when a baby decides to poop on her.

Option #8

Newborn photo shoot poop blooper with dad

Right before this photoshoot started, baby decided that dad’s pristine white shirt needed a brown streak.

Option #9

Huge baby poop explosion

After seeing this, you’ll probably think twice about leaving your baby unattended, even for just a few minutes.

Option #10

Baby projectile poops on mom

Changing a baby can be a messy job, but somebody’s gotta do it. This mom learned the hard way that, sometimes, projectile poop happens.

Option #11

Huge newborn diaper explosion

Talk about a surprise! This baby had something huge for her parents, hidden inside her onesie.

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