Dad Diaper Changing Hacks | Make Diaper Duty Easy and Calm


Hands-on dads definitely know a thing or two about changing dirty diapers. Some have even decided to pay it forward by sharing their personal tips, tricks and dad hacks, learned from experience.

We’ve rounded up the best ones for new dads, dads-to-be, and dads who just want to be more involved in caring for their kids. Check these 9 (sometimes surprisingly) effective daddy diaper hacks below.

Option #1. Diaper changing tips and tricks from a real dad

This dad teaches other dads tips and tricks for changing diapers using a stuffed toy. This may be a great way for dads-to-be to practice this skill. This choice works for fathers who aren’t confident enough to start diapering their kids right away, too!

Option #2. Do it like dad: how to change a nappy

You can learn a lot from this Australian dad and his nappy changing tool belt. Just don’t do what he did at the end of the video!

Option #3. Dad’s guide on how to change a diaper – Twin edition

This dad of twins changes his baby’s diapers in complete gear – Rubber gloves, plus mouth and eye protection! Coz you’ll never know what sort of projectiles you might deal with while changing nappies.

Option #4. Change a diaper. Go dad!!

This cool-as-a-cucumber dad has great tips for how to prevent rashes and irritation when changing diapers.

Option #5. When daddy does diapers

Suffering through bad odors while changing diapers is optional. This dad shows you how to make do with stuff you have lying around to keep bad smells at bay, and prevent you from gagging.

Option #6. Quick tips from dad when checking a stinky baby

These diaper sniffing tips are totally useful when you need to check if your baby has done a number two!

Option #7. How daddy changes diaper

Need to keep your baby distracted so you can finish changing his nappy? This dad’s crazy idea may look silly, but it seems to work like a charm!

Option #8. How to change a baby’s diaper

This dad expertly changes his baby’s diaper, and shows parents exactly how it’s done. He shares a great tip from a hospital nurse, too, for preventing accidental messes while changing.

Option #9. How to change a nappy

Different dads change diapers in different ways. How to DAD gives us a peek into some common dad diaper changing styles. You can definitely pick up a hack or two from each one.

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