21 Delightful Ways To Dress Up Your Diaper Pail


Want more than just a plain white diaper pail for your baby’s room but can’t find a design that you like? Why not dress one up to suit your nursery? With just some basic materials like spray paint, acrylic stickers, and decals, you can transform a basic diaper pail quickly and easily.

We share 21 ways to dress up your diaper pail to give you ideas and inspiration for your own DIY project. Read on, and you’ll be on your way to a cuter diaper pail in no time!

Option #1

Spray painted Diaper Genie

With just spray paint and stencils, you can do a lot to improve the appearance of a plain white diaper pail.

Option #2

Wallpaper wrapped diaper pail

The quickest and easiest way to add color to a plain diaper pail is by covering it up with wallpaper, just like this.

Option #3

Personalized Diaper Genie

Simply adding your baby’s name to a diaper pail using decals or letter cut-outs can give it a more personalized touch.

Option #4

Statement diaper pail

Here’s another design idea that you can make using letter cut outs or decals.

Option #5

Diaper Genie design using vinyl

Cute vinyl stickers are great to use for dressing up a diaper pail, too.

Option #6

Vinyl Diaper Genie makeover

Here’s another design idea that uses vinyl stickers that have been cut into different shapes.

Option #7

Decorated with spray paint and decals

A combination of spray paint, decals and a flower bow make this the perfect diaper pail for a baby girl’s room.

Option #8

Diaper Genie with added decals

There’s really a lot you can do with cute decals, just like these animal stickers used to spruce up a Diaper Genie.

Option #9

Washi tape diaper pail

Washi tape is another option, too, when you want to decorate a diaper pail. You can be as creative and colorful as you want to be, thanks to these tapes.

Option #10

Painted Diaper Genie

Artists can create anything they want with paint or paint markers, using a diaper pail as canvas.

Option #11

Dolled up Diaper Genie

Dress up a diaper pail with a lovely bow and letter stickers, and it’s ready to be given away as a gift. No wrapping paper necessary!

Option #12

DIY R2D2 Diaper Genie

Any Star Wars lover out there will want this cute DIY R2D2 diaper pail in their baby’s room.

Option #13

Another R2D2 Diaper Genie

Here’s another R2D2 Diaper Genie. This design is really easy to pull off, regardless of what kind of diaper pail you have.

Option #14

Stormtrooper Diaper Genie made with duct tape –

Not a fan of the droids, but still love Star Wars? What about designing a Stormtrooper diaper pail instead?

Option #15

Diaper Genie decorated with paint and decals

Adding dragonfly decals can make any diaper pail extra pretty.

Option #16

Vinyl decor for diaper pail and Diaper Genie

Here are more options for simple vinyl decorations to add to a diaper pail.

Option #17

Polka dotted Diaper Genie design

This is another cute way to use decals on a diaper pail. The designs don’t have to be complicated, just make sure that you position them nicely.

Option #18

Monkey and banana stickered Diaper Genie

Monkeys love bananas, and we love this DIY diaper pail design.

Option #19

Fun floral Diaper Genie design

These strategically-placed flower cut-outs transform a plain diaper pail into a fun, girly nursery must-have.

Option #20

Cute sleeping monkey diaper pail design

Here’s another cute diaper pail design for monkey lovers!

21. Bedazzle Diaper Genie how to video

Want to see how it’s done? This is an easy to follow DIY video for dressing up your diaper pail using stickers, hot glue and rhinestones.

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